Tuesday, 5 April 2011

It's been too long now.

This December my husband and I will celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary.

They have been the best ten years of my life.

I'd like to include a joke here but I really can't think of one, it really has been wonderful being married to the love of my life.

As usual, I am pottering through my life, paying meticulous attention to the details (mum could tell you more about that) but not really stepping back to look at the big picture.

The truth is, I have neglected some things. Some very serious things. One thing is family finances. It hasn't really demanded much of my attention for a long time other then a few minor hiccups. My husband pays the bills through the wonder of online banking. When Income is up and Expenses more or less travel with Income then it's easy to ignore the bank account. But when Income is suddenly down, and Expenses want to go off on their own little adventure, then suddenly there is a problem. Drastic measures are called for.

Another thing I have neglected is our food. It hasn't been too bad. Mum taught me the basics growing up and I thought that we were generally doing OK. We never eat margerine. We put olive oil on everything. We look for the 'Organic' labels at Woolworths. We eat fish. We drink, ahem, bathe in raw milk. We buy from the Organic Farmers' Market down the road. But are we really getting the most nutrition per dollar? Turns out money and food are connected and we could be doing much better. Beginning with eating much less take-away.

It's a journey and one that we are beginning in fits and starts. And to complicate things, there are the three little monkeys who are traveling with us. I suspect though, they are actually making the whole thing simpler. They are my motivation and inspiration. They are one of God's lessons for us and I pray that I can look Him in the eye when I stand before Him one day and give account for how I nurtured these children.

As we walk, climb and sometimes crawl along this path to better management of our family's money, resources, health & earth I pray that God blesses us and shows us His hand in everything we do. Amen.

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