Saturday, 25 June 2011

Letter from Rwanda.

The way we see it, Mitch and I have six children. We have three little boys that we have been blessed with and who we bring up ourselves in Australia. We also have three little girls that live overseas and it is our privilege to sponsor them. We are so blessed to regularly send letters to, and receive letters from, our little girls. We worry about them a lot but trust that God and the girls' real parents are doing everything they can to keep the girls safe and well.

The letters from our little girls regularly move me and make me smile, sometimes I cry.  The one we received today from our six year old in Rwanda is such a sweet letter that I just wanted to share it with who ever is reading this blog (yes, mum, that's you!). When this little one writes a letter she dictates it to a project worker who than arranges for it to be translated into English. They send us both originals.

She writes:

"Dear Mr Mitchell M-
Your daughter D- greets you in the name of Jesus Christ. 
She is glad to write you and inform you about her family's news today. The whole family is alive. They are grateful that you love them and have pity for them.

D- informs you that she is in holidays of the first term of school for year 2011 but she don't know yet the results of exams, so she will tell you about that later. What she is sure of is that she did well in her exams.

In the region of Rubavu where she lives with her family, it rains so much. Right now it is dark outside and it gonna rain.

Have you seen an animal called gorilla? She would like you to come in Rwanda and visit gorillas.

She sends wishing you good luck."